Covid-19 vs Vorp FX

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I'm writing this fully aware that you have other things to worry about than Vorp FX pedals right now. At least I do.

But in case you were wondering about the availability of my pedals, international freight transport is seriously impacted by the virus outbreak, and I am currently only able to ship the pedals to a few EU countries. Accordingly, they may have disappeared from your radar on if you are located in a country that I cannot currently ship to. Also, please be aware that even if I am able to ship to your country, the parcels will take longer than usual to arrive.

It seems almost petty to talk about this in the current situation, but I chose not to close the pedal shop entirely as it might help someone to sit out quarantine. Or put some sense and orientation back into an unreal situation. Let's hope we all make it through this largely intact.

All the best,